Our tax attorneys focus in various areas of tax law. They work hand-in-hand with the rest of the team to maximize tax benefits for clients, both corporate and individual, in all types of transactions, including real estate, business and tax-exempted entities.


Our work involves the careful structuring of transactions to obtain the most advantageous tax treatment with the minimum amount of risk. The tax team is responsible for reviewing both public and private securities offerings for tax compliance. In addition, we are actively involved in working with business clients in a wide range of activities, from organizing business entities to arranging for major transactions, such as sales or mergers of companies. They provide assistance in structuring compensation arrangements for key employees and help business owners, especially those of high net worth, to consolidate their business, personal, and estate planning.

ZKS is experienced in handling both federal and state tax audits on the clients’ behalf. They prepare position papers and engage in negotiations with the Appeals Office of the Internal Revenue Service or the Bureau of Appeals at the Department of Revenue to argue each client’s case. If necessary, we are prepared to litigate cases in the U.S. Tax Court or before various state tax authorities.