Our lawyers represent the rights of creditors in many capacities and contexts. We handle the full spectrum of work-outs and loan restructuring, pursuit of guarantors, foreclosures of real property mortgages and personal property liens, collection of accounts, forbearance agreements and bankruptcy. As it relates to problem loans, that includes demands, investigation, evaluation of assets available for collection, foreclosure and other types of collection actions, reformation actions, and title insurance claims.

We work closely with our clients on the front end to evaluate the collectability of a debt during the loan work out/forbearance phase. If necessary, we pursue the matter in court. If the settlement of the court action involves a deed in lieu of foreclosure or loan modification, we work with our experienced real estate transactional lawyers. If the property is recovered, we assist in preserving and pursuing deficiency claims; liquidating the assets; and assisting in other dispute resolution issues that arise with the new owner, including ejectment and evictions.